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The story of how Tom Holland became THE Tom Holland, set against his hapless dad and his less successful forays in show business as a comedian and wannabe writer. 

A heartfelt story of good fortune, serendipity and sheer hard work. As funny as it is interesting and with a euphoric outcome that no family would ever dare dream of.

Read by Dom Holland and in conversation with Tom Holland.

Just under 11 hours of insight in to an ordinary family albeit with extraordinary circumstances.


 Mandi-Sue Morgan, 
Amazing audiobook - a joy to listen to

Narrated by the author, Dom Holland, with added conversations and anecdotes from Tom Holland, this down to earth, funny and heart warming story is a joy to listen to. Originally written as a series of blogs, the listener is invited into the Holland family inner circle, allowing us to be part of the adventure that takes a young Tom Holland from his humble Kingston childhood, via the title role in the Stage show Billy Elliot and onto the big screen as the brave Lucas in The impossible staring alongside Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

Set prior to Tom’s eventual Superhero role in the Marvel universe, as Tom himself says - we get to see how he did indeed become Spider-Man. Despite the original story ending at The Impossible, the added conversations between Dom and his eldest son, Tom, give us a better insight in to how this lad from Kingston has progressed and how he now views those early days when he first ventured onto the stage and silver screen.

As a true account of the rise of a young star, there is no better narrator than the author and dad - Dom Holland. The tone is gentle and inviting with the little added quirks that go with a father telling you about his son. The additional conversations, not available in the printed book, add an extra element that makes this audio book a real pleasure to listen to. Who better to tell us about how he’d have felt in Ewan McGregor’s place, if he had a young teenager waltz into a script reading with the teen’s comedian father in tow? Or which of his brothers would Tom have loved to have appeared alongside him in his first feature film?

Having read, and enjoyed, the printed version of Eclipsed, I was still pleasantly surprised at how much more enveloping it is to have the story read to you by the person that went through this and was eclipsed by his own son.

I highly recommend this, not just to fans of Dominic and/or Tom Holland, but also to anyone who loves a good story of the underdog that made it… that child that never got a speaking part in a school play, but who now has Hollywood’s best directors falling over themselves to get him to just read their scripts…the child who was teased for dancing and doing gymnastics whose peers now get to stare in wonder, as he flips his way across the big screen as Spider-man…and the father who didn't expect any of this to happen, but is still happy to be Eclipsed.

 Dan Davis, 
Take the plunge, you won't regret it!

Family is the primary epithet to describe Eclipsed. A whirlwind ride of wins, losses, and comically calamitous near misses, yet at heart, it’s a story of – and told by – a father and son and a completely normal family dealing with exceptionally unnormal circumstances.

Dom’s anecdotes are absolutely hilarious; not many people find themselves in as many awkward and unusual situations as he does, and hearing them from the mouth of the author himself only makes them even more enjoyable. The inflexions, pauses, and nuances remind you why Dom is an award-winning comedian. Additional details are included in the audiobook, and now Tom’s input allows the listeners to be even more immersed in the full journey.

If you’re interested in the industry, if you want to hear about how Tom became Spider-Man, if you want to hear about life as a comedian and author, the ups and downs etc., this audiobook is for you. Whatever you may be interested in, I guarantee this is for you!

Changed my perspectives on the world for the better!

A heartfelt tale that you feel like you’re experiencing firsthand as its being read to you. This story feels like the events are too good to be true, and since it is true, it makes the story that much better!
I’ve read the story twice and it feels much more personal this time listening to it. Definitely changed my perspectives to get out of my comfort zone to pursue my passions. Highly recommend this one and others written by Mr. Holland

 Kim Chapman, 
Turns out Spider-Man does have a Dad after all....

If you have ever wanted the official answer to the question - to use Tom's own words - So, dude, how DID you become Spider-Man? - this book provides it, and so much more. Written and read with honesty, love, humour and fatherly pride Eclipsed is a heartwarming tale of an ordinary family living an extraordinary life, who continue to be amazed and slightly bemused by where life has taken their firstborn baby son who had an ear for Janet Jackson and, who - according to his Mum, anyway - was blessed with 'natural rhythm' !

Narrated by the author, Dominic Holland, in conversation with Tom Holland, takes the reader/listener into the heart of the Holland family -Mum Nikki, Dad Dominic and their four boys, Tom, Harry, Sam and Paddy, not forgetting Tessa, the beautiful blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier who technically belongs to Tom, but is the apple of the authors' eye! The love and support the family have for each other, and the pride they have in each other, shines out of this book and the little conversations with Tom and Dom after certain chapters are a joy to listen to.

You don't have to be a fan of Dominic, Tom or Spider-Man to love this book - it's a funny, life affirming story of determination, hard work, hard luck, opportunities taken and missed, which is all the more incredible because it's happens to be true!

 Audrey Lehrer, 
A True Enjoyment!

This is a story of real love, real support, real laughter, and a real family that everyone should partake in. The more you listen, the wider the smile will spread on your face. Give yourself a gift and start listening!

 Angela W, 
What You Need To Know…

Dominic is the perfect straight man to tell how his eldest grew up to become wealthier and more famous than any actor in recent memory ever! OMG! LOL!
Dominic is the perfect straight man to tell how his eldest, Tom, grew up as a member of a loving family of all boys, for which his mother has received an honorary title of bravery from the Quee— no, that hasn’t happened yet. “Eclipsed” is an opportunity for you to listen from the POV and voice of Tom’s father. To learn how fame can sneak up on you- in the form of your kid. That would be the one who is now universally known by the mononym, Tomholland. Eventually, you realize that the rose-colored glasses through which you’ve viewed that young man have fallen off and bounced away under something. Leave them! Dominic is an excellent storyteller, a funny guy, and if you’ve listened to any of Tom’s interviews, you’ll find the apple didn’t fall far.
“Eclipsed” isn’t all grins and giggles, and it shouldn’t be. That would seem phony as hell. For example, Chapter 18 is sad and hopeful as Dominic talks thoughtfully about the 2004 tsunami.
One of my favorite things is that most chapters end with Dom and Tom’s short conversation. When you’re used to hearing Tom speak in interviews- I’m directing this to his fans, me included- the best thing is to hear him speak in his “normal” voice, as I call it. I don’t hear the actor or the interviewee. I just hear this guy. It’s those rose-colored glasses again. Break those suckers with your shoe heel! Enjoy meeting Tom here for the first time. Thanks, Dom. You seem like an okay fella.
And how *does* a person leave a single shoe behind? And where is it? Maybe I’ll find out after Chapter 24.

 Kristine Aguiar, 

First let me start by stating I never write any reviews. In fact I would have to say this would be my first. This is not because I don’t want to take the time or be bothered, but because I have an extremely hard time expressing my thoughts into writing. Even as I write this, I have erased and changed my wording several times. So, I will apologize in advance if this sounds convoluted and almost certainly loaded with grammatical errors.

I honestly thoroughly enjoyed my audiobook of Eclipsed. Not only was Mr Holland articulate and engaging, he also has a wonderful sense of humor. I have to admit I laughed out loud a number of times and if I wasn’t laughing I would catch myself beaming from ear to ear. Even now as I recall some of the fantastic stories (I have several favorites that I won’t spoil) from the book, I have a wide grin on my face and my daughter just called me out on it.

While listening to the readings I could easily visualize each story and capture the emotion as if I was experiencing it in real life or watching it on screen. I can’t remember the last time I read (or in this case listened) to a book that was so entertaining that I did not want to stop. In hindsight I regret not pacing myself because now that I have binged the entire book in a day I find myself now with a “book hangover”. I guess the only solution to remedy this is I’ll just have to listen to it all over again. I should also add that the conversations with Dom and Tom were great and real charming which just made the book that much more enjoyable! Such a loving, genuine and down to earth family! I wish all the best!

 Jen Telger, 
A beautiful full-circle read

As a comedian, Dominic Holland often throws himself under the bus for our benefit and to hilarious effect. But it seems life frequently puts him in the strangest of situations. What could be stranger than your young child being effortlessly “discovered” and ultimately eclipsing you in the most odds-against business in the world?

In this updated version of Eclipsed, Dominic and his son, Tom Holland, revisit the sometimes awkward, frequently touching, and often-hilarious rollercoaster ride that took their family by surprise, skyrocketing the younger to the highest heights of Hollywood as the elder continued to try to crack that elusive code.

It isn’t all fluke and fairy dust, though. As Dom and Tom reminisce after many of the chapters, we learn about the incredible amount of hard work involved, things gained and sacrificed both by family and individual, and witness the rare insight and attitude of gratitude that come through so clearly and help keep everyone grounded.

Having read the initial Eclipsed, I enjoyed hearing the perspective that time and space have given both men. Even those who may not know who these two are or who have never heard of the Holland family will enjoy the warm, rich storytelling read by Dom and the underlying values that make this story so heartwarming.

If you want a feel-good listen, look no further than the story of this family who are keenly aware of what they’ve been given and continue to be humble, thankful, and give of themselves via the Brothers Trust.

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